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Lauren Lee
Certified Master Level Spiritual Life Coach
Certified Prosperity Guide
Women'sU President

Lauren Lee is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Spiritual Life Coach, and author. Her passion is working with women who have left their J-O-B to start their dream business. Lauren helps her clients to find their voice, their courage, their inner fire; and build their business in a way that honors them.

**Certified Prosperity Guide Coaching**

Are you doing what you love, but the money hasn't followed yet?

Knowing what you need to do and Be, and LIVING IT are two different things. You must *feel* the prosperity principles - in your bones! Working with me, either individually or in group coaching, you will ignite your Spirit and raise your consciousness, thereby transforming your life and your relationship to it. That includes your relationship with money, prosperity, abundance and success. You will also release long buried beliefs and stories that are not supporting your Prosperity and Abundance. And you will step into your greatness! If you are driven to make a difference and tired of struggling, call me for a complimentary consultation.

I leave you with my favorite quote:

"Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you." - Marianne Williamson

**Spiritual Life Coaching**

Lauren Lee is an evangelist for evolving human consciousness. Through coaching, teaching, writing and speaking services, Lauren ignites the spirit within her clients, whether a business or an individual. The result is conscious living - more success, balance, passion and fulfillment with less stress, anxiety and worry. She specializes in working with women entrepreneurs who have left the corporate world to create their dream businesses.

** What My Clients Say **

"Lauren has coached me for over a year and I can honestly say my life has completely changed during that time!

When I first started with Lauren I was very drawn to a more spiritual way of living and working in the world and I had difficulty in connecting and trusting that it was truly Spirit that was guiding me.

Above all, Lauren helped me to feel safe and build my awareness, and really listen to my energy, to know the right answers for me. She supported me and guided me through some tricky situations and I always felt honoured and respected and loved by her. She helped me to use inspired actions and manage my emotions to move me forward. I attracted some amazing events, which took me to Africa and Namibia, right out of the blue!

Words cannot really express what Lauren did for me and so I ask that you read and hear and see these words with your heart. For that is what I learned - that my heart KNOWS. I experience more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment than I have ever before and my business is reflecting that back to me."

- Ann Ross, New Perspectives Ann's website

"In the past month, I've won a $4500 marketing makeover, a $1500 scholarship, a pricey, top-notch Web designer who is working for barter, and a $500 bonus for technical writing. I am HOT on the money trail!"

- Ann Zuccardy, Cookiepreneur, Vermont Shortbread Company; and Writer Read Ann's BLOG

"As a result of working with Lauren, I am now living in the place of my dreams, I have a job that I love, I spend more time with my family, I make time for me, and I am connected with my Light within. I used to be so stressed, worked all the time, felt guilty about my family, and just wanted to chuck it all!"

- PB