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February 12, 2009



Hello Cheryl -

Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences! We never know how our writing will impact others; and that you benefited from this article is what I hope for.

Our inner critic can be so harsh and unforgiving. It seems to know exactly how to hook us and hurt us. Even though it's original intention may have been to keep us safe, it often does more harm than good. I know for myself, I've watched it keep me from my dreams by stopping me from taking action.

Self-acceptance, self-compassion and ultimately, self-loving are what we need to thrive.

May I offer a suggestion? If so, keep reading... you might consider changing your mantra. Maybe something like "What if I had a really good reason for being/acting this way? What might the reason be?" ... an empowering mantra.

Take care of you...

In Spirit,



Thank you so much for repeating this article. It was a real eye-opener. I've been going through a very intense conscious time of personal growth also. At the same time, I've experienced practically all of the symptoms above. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to understand why I just couldn't carry on as I was before I started this process in December. Don't I know yet that change means changing. I have been very impatience and overly critical with myself. I've lacked the energy to deal with the many external projects that have had the focus of my attention for the last ten years of my life.

My mantra lately has been, 'What's the matter with me?"
I've been fighting a habitual conditioned pattern of being disappointed and overwhelmed when I can't meet the high expectations I set for myself. Part of my change now is to learn self-acceptance and this certainly is providing that opportunity.

I know self care is always the answer to feeling so out of sorts with myself, but your words of compassion for what goes on with our body during times of an intense metamorphosis process is so comforting. Comfort is what I've been seeking, and I'm feeling great relief and validation for my current experiences from your words of wisdom. Thank you, thank you!

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